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Posted on - 3rd December 2016
Countryfile Live Oxfordshire

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ELLE Decoration, the interior style magazine, encourages home designers to ‘have the courage of their interior conviction.’ Design in all of its wonderful and diverse contemporary expressions is celebrated. Unsurprisingly, designconsort believed ELLE Decoration to be the place to launch its utterly new and exciting art forms. The shoot for FIRED BY DESIGN took place is a disused ceramics factory which hadn’t seen a lick of paint for some time. It was the light and space that had caught the eye of designer, Emma Bossons FRSA. Pictured in the shoot were Isosceles (a particular favourite of ELLE Decoration’s associate publisher, Chris Daunt) by Nicola Slaney and Flock , an abstract design, by Emma Bossons, designconsort’s Lead Designer. The pristine-white vases shimmered under a vast industrial window as dappled sunlight danced on the turquoise, blue and grey glazes and silver lustre.

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More about FLOCK - Abstract Design - by Emma Bossons FRSA

By creating a visibly structured surface Flock combines shape and design to release the abstract image. Emma covers the vase with a myriad of triangles and lines to create a network of relations, that is, creating a visibly structured surface. Such a network makes this vase more than an ornament because it has come from a reduction of an image of a flock of birds flying in formation. Abstract images demand migration to another phenomenological level: if you see something other than birds the abstract image will fail, as it will if you see just bird forms.