Geometric Interior Design Guide

Posted on - 3rd May 2017
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Geometric Interior Design Guide

Geometric designs are can turn a chaotic home into a modern and tranquil space. designconsort's surface designs and shapes contain a varied mixture of exciting geometrics in clay form. It comes at a price, geometric designs require the use of a precision shape creation. Fortunately, designconsort has some of the finest mould makers and designers in the world today, able to carve a plaster block into a vision of geometric glory before the hard work of creating the shape in clay form begins.

Above, abstract design Shoaling by Emma Bossons FRSA

Indeed, some designs have incredible geometric surface design, one need only think of the triangles outlined with liquid clay in Nicola Slaney’s Isosceles design.



Twinning designconsort vases to create an utterly contemporary look is easy, and there are some amazing products out there. Think back to the swinging 60s if you want a retro look, or bring geometrics bang up to date with a contemporary pattern. It can be quite fun, using stencils to create a softer visual than overtly bold wallpaper.



The simplest way to match geometrics, and probably the least expensive, is to use some stunning cushions.


Lead designconsort designer, Emma Bossons, created her own cushions to complete a designconsort designs exhibition stand with just a little fabric paint. Obviously, duvets, carpets and curtains can also be found in a huge array of geometric patterns. Simply search chevrons, geometric blue (specify your chosen colour) fabric, duvet, curtain and so on. There are some stunning furnishings on the market.

In truth, geometric wallpaper is quite a strong statement and you have to be rather bold to go with this one. Try instead, decorating one wall in a geometric design, and paint the other walls one of the colours used in that design. To impress, mount a large statement piece of design consort, against one of the simply painted coloured walls, to allow the geometrics to face each other from across the room. A cool, geometric ‘face-off’!



          Below, a home shoot that could be twinned with the piece of designconsort as a link piece from gold to the colour flow stated.

From chequered floors to splash-backs and accessories, there are many different ways to introduce geometric patterns into your kitchen or bathroom environments. A recent photoshoot using designconsort’s statement traditional ‘milkbottle’ shape showed that just a simple flash of a contrasting colour brings great impact and redefines the milkbottle for the modern age.

Interestingly the Oliver Burns Blog states at

“When we think of geometrics in interiors, it often conjures up images of bold bright patterns, however geometrics don’t solely present themselves through print. Natural geometry is all around us and can be found in furniture design, architecture and materials too, meaning you don’t need to completely redesign your home to add a touch of this seasons trend into your interior. It is also not just a contemporary trend; it is one that has endured throughout history. The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design and throughout the 1900’s angular structures and patterns were presented in different forms as the design styles adapted and changed."

Contemporary lights in geometrics and natural wood provide this 'toned down' visual as do selecting pastel lamps from designconsort.

We agree with Oliver Burns, geometrics in soft colourways are the darling of the moment within the interior and add significant interest to the inside and extrerior of the property. But do not forget. Many homes have geometric designs on the exterior and can be used to give a hint of what lies within.