Contemporary Style - Vases that curve into each other

Posted on - 30th November 2016
Countryfile Live Oxfordshire

Luxury vases Web, Weave and Wing, designed by Emma Bossons FRSA, highlight a specific design novelty. Each piece within the trio of contemporary vases has been created with angles to complement their sister shapes and to interconnect effortlessly. Grouping vases together in terms of colour, substance and form have been fashionable for some time but now buyers are able to group their vases together so tightly that their individual forms merge into a whole new entity. For your preference, each piece is available in a three colourways and can be purchased as a group or as individual items.


Weave – Lines are woven together through the hand application of liquid clay to create a raised ceramic weave.

Web - Interlaced threads of liquid clay that hardens on exposure to air, much like a spider’s viscous fluid, dazzle the mind with sections glistening like jewels.


Wing – Lines curve, stretch and circle the vase as wings take flight to raise the brow, and calm the soul.