Lighting the abstract

Posted on - 4th September 2017
Countryfile Live Oxfordshire

Take a Closer Look - Lighting that Promotes Wellbeing and Engages the Senses

 A home is not just a pretty space to shelter at the end of a hard day’s graft. It’s a part of a life well lived, a piece of the environment that should capture the creative and the curious, infusing them into its design and function. Abstract design focuses heavily on this principal, bringing subliminal messages into our spaces without overwhelming our senses. Abstract spaces work with natural light, carrying the energy of the outdoors into the development through spacious rooms with advanced window designs that allow us to create a light and airy ambience inside. From bright foyers to wide halls and high ceilings, abstract design creates a warm, comfortable environment that feels just right for modern living. Indeed, on home re-vamp television shows we see architectures turning traditional and dark two bed-semi’s into creative capsules through a high ceiling- single-storey extension and clever overhead lighting panels.

designconsort’s abstract shapes have been created to give ambience through a clever fusion of shape and design. Table lamps allow light to ricochet off angles of the lamp. Dappled sunlight dances with electric lighting on the pristine white surfaces of the lamp and lustre further excites this fusion.

Lead designer, Emma Bossons, worked for decades designing for Moorcroft pottery where her designs were fundamentally derived from the natural world in keeping with the Arts & Crafts nature of the pottery. Increasing Emma’s desire to push the boundaries of ceramic design, led to minor abstraction and morphing of imagery. Through designconsort, Emma’s innate abstract tendencies have been harnessed into something rather special.

Looking at the world we live in and finding a way to integrate it into a design requires seeing nature from a new and very different perspective. This is an area in which Emma excels. Beautiful landscape drawings remind us of the beauty of nature, but landscapes often look much better in real life than in art. Emma does not take nature for granted. Day in and day out, the designer stops, and more often than not, takes a closer look.

In Town (comes in a grey or white version) industrial-coloured shapes become the edge of a building, the roof of a factory or the window of a house, to create an abstract art form of a townscape. Analysis of colours in any urban landscape would show that the appearance is varied not only in colour tone but also in the condition of glare. To this end, luminosity is exemplified with lustre by Emma. In many western cities different generations of architecture often create architecture that struggles in design detail, to interconnect. This abstract town, allows harmony to prevail through a reduction of imagery to a mere network of shapes and colours.


In much the same way, designconsort’s Nicola Slaney could have covered the Raindrops design in landscape with a scattering of lustre raindrops overhead. Not Nicola. This design is a close-up of raindrops against a dark ground. Contemporary and exciting – it sets the bar high for designconsort’s abstract offerings. In truth, in times of heightened stress the body tends to close down, the eyes focus, not in a sweeping gazes across a garden or cityscape, but narrow’s down the information the brain has to absorb, until, at last, a single leaf or pebble calms the mind. Babington Green from Emma Bossons, holds the simple structure and colour of moss covered stone (image left) and her Babington Blue absorbs the colours of the ocean into its very being (image right). The result is a bed-side lamp that allows the mind to slow down or gently wake, with colours that cheer.


Contemporary Ceramic Vases by designconsort

Capturing the essence of a creature's movement and form, juxtaposed multi-dimensional shapes create an abstract and stylised decoration on designconsort’s lighting offerings through a deeply uplifting swallow design. When you combine the refined sensibilities of contemporary design and the talents of highly skilled master craftsmen and women, stunning ceramics emerge. Discover more about the vision and processes which drive our creativity.

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